Identities, Governance and Focus

These are the key topics of our daily commitment to our corporate customers. Founded in 2008 by the experienced and complementary consultants Giovanni Biagini and Florian Drum, igf-logic has been distributing loads for the successful scoping, management and delivery of complex IT environments on many shoulders since many years. Our consultants accompany their customers in meeting their business goals with standardized and manageable, but always customized approaches.

By working closely together with the product development of many mature IT solution providers and maintaining an excellent responsive network, our consultants are able to quickly retrieve specific background information. Our main business areas are Identity and Access Management, Cross Platform Data Governance and Enterprise Services.

igf-logic in numbers
Number of enterprise customers since company formation 36
Estimated share of our customers you have heard of in percent 94,3
Number of consultants in 2021 15
Average number of projects
delivered per consultant in 2021
Number of years since company formation 13
Approximate number of earth orbits by our employees in the same time frame 45